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Who better to get advice from then the people who actually use a service. There is no better way to see this in action than in the casino business. I think the best people you can get advice from are the actual players. That is why we are going to provide a list of the top casinos according to players 2020. You may be thinking this is not the best way to give you the best information. However, if we get as many testimonials as possible and get an average rating, this will give a good representation of our findings.

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We can’t just give you guys a long list of where to play without giving our reasons. I will be explaining what factors go into each casino holding their position. Not only that, I will give examples from the player testimonials I use.

Features at Top Casinos According to Players

One of the features that are mentioned over and over when looking through the testimonials is the game range. The most popular casinos out there offer extensive ranges of games. This is one of the key factors taken into account when it comes to where they are placed on our list. As you would naturally think, the casinos lower down our list do feature fewer games. The quality of the games is also another thing that you guys have pointed out. An online casino with a good range of developers stocked will have a range of the best quality games you can play right now.

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Another feature that seems to appear frequently in our list is jackpots. An online casino that offers a jackpot seems to be more popular. This is probably because a jackpot gives everyone at the casino a chance of winning a life-changing amount. With this given randomly most of the time, it is easy to understand why people want to keep playing. You will often see reports of people winning well over a million from a cheap spin on a slot game.

Player security is on players minds, and this shows with our list. The higher up the list a casino appears, the better the security features they have. Most of the time, you will only need to know about security when it comes to adding your payment information to your account. Encryption is something that you will hear mentioned. This is the industry standard now and it is advised that you only play at casinos that use the service. This will ensure that all of your sensitive information is protected.

Other Features We Looked For

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All of the casinos that appear on our list have colourful and inventive themes. We can only guess that this helps to stop a player feeling bored. For instance, you wouldn’t want to play at a casino with a plain look to the homepage. You need something to keep your interest peaked and having a good theme to the website is an excellent way to achieve this. You will see a lot of imagery connected to the theme of the website.